Perry “Master Chef” Butler

Perry “Master Chef” Butler has years of experience in producing and designing interesting fresh, original English cuisine. He has amassed personal twists to the great English pub classics. Perry’s humble kitchen team includes an array of proven talent when it comes to serving the best food on the river.

Tanja “The crazy Viking”

Some of the best fish dishes worldwide are thought up in the Scandinavian region. Tanja is here flying the flag of Finland Also holding boasting rights from winning the 2011 scotch egg challenge when she was at The Devonshire Arms.

Nagi “Full of surprises”

When it comes to specials Nagi has a passion for always trying something new. Once overheard saying “You can never move forward with old ideas” he truly has a knack of originality.

Jarak “The Hoff without the Hassle”

Standing at 7+ foot a rather imposing figure at first glance. Jarak otherwise known as the BFG is a gentle soul. The garnish King is famously delicate when adding the final piece to a scrumptious puzzle.

Francesco “Mambo Italiano”

The Pastry prince has stormed up the ranks over the past few weeks with true Italian flair. From sticky toffee pudding to crème brulee he will satisfy that sweet tooth of yours.

Mateo “Legend”

The Smiling Italian is happiness embodied. With teeth matching the flawlessly clean plates, we will rue the day he comes in without brandishing those sparkling whites!

Being on the river has inspired Perry to produce glorious seafood dishes. From lightly battered hake to perfectly roasted trout you will struggle to find riverside dish to match.

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